“We provide the tools to determine Return On Investment (ROI) “

Advanced Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking monitors the actions taken on a website. During the strategy stage, the goals of the web site will be established. We will determine which actions you would like your visitors to take and set parameters to monitor this activity. From this data we can determine the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and website performance. Modifications can be implemented where we find sub par performance.

Increasing your conversion rate by 2-3% can have a dramatic impact on your lead generation, doubling your conversions definetly will!

Based on 1,000 visits to your web site:

  •  1% Conversion Rate =   10 Leads
  •  2% Conversion Rate =   20 Leads
  •  3% Conversion Rate =   30 Leads
  •  4% Conversion Rate =   40 Leads
  •  5% Conversion Rate =   50 Leads
  • 10% Conversion Rate = 100 Leads

Let us audit your site to determine why one page has a higher conversion rate than another.