Only way to succeed is to change the way we play the game.”

Herb Brooks

Industrial Internet Consulting

Strategic planning is of the process of developing strategies to reach a defined objective while looking at the big picture. Analyzing and adjusting current programs while looking to implement new initiatives so as to have more favorable outcomes in your market place.

Market Edge ISI develops comprehensive customized strategies for our clients to assist them in reaching their internet marketing goals. Our strategic process is handled with personal attention given to each of our clients. We work closely with your team and believe it is vital to being accessible for our clients. Our goal is to become an integral resource/member of your marketing team.

  • Online Strategy – It is vital to the success of your internet strategy & your business that you are able to establish a strong presence on the internet & evaluate your results. What is your strategy?
  • Market Analysis – Our goal is to reduce the marketing budget while increasing the number of quality sales opportunities. Learn how
  • Web Site Performance/Analysis – Determine the performance of your web site from a visitor’s perspective, based on Usability Research, Minimum Standards, Best Practices and Learned Conventions. An increase of 1% – 5% in your sites conversion rate can mean 2-5 times the number of sales opportunities with the current number of visitors to your site. What is your conversion rate?