“It is vital to the success of your internet strategy & your business that you are able to establish a strong presence on the internet & evaluate your results.”

David Underwood

Internet Strategies

To maintain your company as the industry leader in your market place, it is essential to have a comprehensive strategy in place prior to depleting your budget without market analysis. Depending on your current internet needs, Market Edge will provide the expertise needed to partner with your marketing team or act as your “in-house” internet marketing department to obtain your goals.

The first steps to establishing your strategy is determining your strengths and weaknesses, then setting priorities and goals. A successful strategy includes the following process. Contact us and let us help you determine where to start.

Strategic Process:

  • Establish Company Goals
  • Audit Current Initiatives
  • Develop a Strategy
  • Determine Budget
  • Implementation
  • Analysis
  • Executive Summary
  • Maintain Competitive Advantage

An effective online strategy includes:

  • Establishing obtainable goals
  • Bench marking current status
    • web site performance
    • marketing initiatives
    • competitive analysis
    • search engine placement
    • quality of existing traffic
  • Researching available options
  • Understanding your competitive advantages and disadvantages
  • Understanding how your target audience search
  • Determine where your target audience search
  • Design your website to meet your visitors objectives
  • Provide the necessary information on your web site to further the process
  • Monitor the performance of each page for trends and improvements
  • Analyze the behavior of visitors on your site
  • Implement strategies to increase your conversion rate
  • Analyze which initiatives are providing quality visits
  • Analyze which initiatives are most cost efficient

What is your strategy?

Market Edge Internet Strategies Inc. will provide your company the expertise to relieve you of these concerns and bring your company to the forefront of your industry as the industry leader your company has earned.