“65% of visitors give up before they find what they are looking for.
40% will not return after a negative experience”

(Boston Consulting Group)

Website Audit

A web site must be designed to meet the visitors’ objectives first. A visitor should be able to identify where they are, what you provide and an easy path to learn more about what they are looking for. An efficient site will include multiple paths of communication to allow a user to take an action when they are ready to engage in the method they wish.

Market Edge will help you gain a comprehensive understanding on how your web site stacks up with the industry standards.

  • Minimum Standards – Very few justifiable reasons not to comply.
  • Best Practices – Tested practices that have proven to have a positive effect on the user experience.
  • Learned Conventions – May not be intuitive, BUT users already know how to use, preconceived expectations.

Critical questions you should be asking:

  • Is your website designed to meet your visitors’ objectives?
  • What does your audience think of your site?

Website Audit Report

  • A highly detailed breakdown of every element of each page on your web site from a user’s perspective as well as a Search Engine’s view.
  • We will deliver a detailed document describing the strengths and weaknesses along with a developed plan to correct the inefficiencies by your in-house staff or a professional organization.

Which path are your users taking?

We have found the Web Site Audit to be an economical tool to help your company realize the true performance of your site page by page. The knowledge discovered during this process will aid in your decision to rework or reconstruct your web site without a large investment on a leap of faith.What is your website doing for you? Request an Audit.

Discover if your website is:

  • Reaching your target audience?
  • Converting visitors into customers?
  • Performing to its’ potential?

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