“PPC is the only way to guarantee placement on the Search Engines.

PPC is Pay-For-Performance… “if they don’t click, you don’t pay”

Google / Bing Ads

Pay-Per-Click marketing is a flexible, cost efficient option to ensure top placement on the search engines for your relevant Key Word Phrases. You pay only when someone searches and visits your site for phrases you chose. You decide what you’re willing to pay for a particular phrase. When done correctly, your Pay-Per-Click program can be the most cost efficient, flexible form of advertising you engage in. It will have an immediate impact on your internet marketing.

  • PPC is the only way to guarantee placement for a specific keyword phrase
  • Pay only when your ad is clicked on – “if they don’t click, you don’t pay”
  • Bid on the specific terms, not general phrases
  • Flexible Budget (daily, monthly quarterly budgets)
  • Flexible Terms (quarterly agreements)
  • Target specific products/services as needed

Dominating Industrial Search

Studies have shown companies that appear both in the Organic results as well as Paid Sponsor Listings enjoy up 300% increase in traffic and conversions. “Click to read article”

In-House Management

We have found most companies who manage their own PPC programs:

  • Bid on 15 -25 terms
  • Generate a high volume of traffic with little impact on lead generation
  • Bid “Broad Match”
  • Have very few if any “Negative” terms
  • Rarely adjust their individual bids
  • Pay little attention to the quality of the “actual” keyword strings
  • Pay little attention to the Title and Content of their ads
  • Rarely adjust their budget to ensure their priority kwp’s have maximum exposure
  • Over pay on general terms, resulting in less resources for the higher quality traffic

Let us give you a PPC Expert Review.

Advantages of a Professional Organization Manage your PPC Program?

  • Maximize your paid search budget
  • Become more cost efficient with your current budget
  • Increase the quality of visitors to your web site
  • Reduce the number of unwanted calls and visits
  • Free up your time to run your business

Click Fraud

One of the concerns we hear is Click Fraud. The act of clicking on an ad, for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having actual interest in the target of the ad’s link.

Although this is a concern for many companies, we have safe guards in place to detect and deter this behavior. We can insure our clients they are protected against this.