“You can’t improve what you don’t measure”

Data Driven Results

Tracking is an essential element to any marketing program, making decisions on a hunch can be costly. The extent of tracking is dependent on the complexity of the marketing program and the information you need to make smart decisions.

Some of the common elements which need to be monitored are listed below.

Vital Information:

  • Search Strings – Original Searches
  • Source of quality visits – Referring Sources
  • Web Site Performance
    • Conversion % per page
      • Actions taken
      • Back Button
      • Contact Forms
      • Downloads – Spec/Data Sheets
      • Orders
      • Phone Calls
      • Product Configurator
      • RFQ’s
    • Page Path
    • Exit Pages
    • Sales Leads
      • Cost per Visit
      • Cost per Lead
      • Cost per Sale

The common goal amongst all marketing programs is to reach their target audience in the most cost efficient manner, while providing the necessary information in a usable format. In order to realize if you are accomplishing this, measures must be put in place in order to monitor the vital information.

Website Analytics – Knowing if your efforts are paying off is essential to any marketing program. The vital information needed to track your ROI is dependent on the complexity of your marketing program.

Website Optimization – Knowing the behavior of the visitors on your website is invaluable to implementing changes necessary to improving your site’s user experience.

Conversion Tracking – Improving your conversion rate from 1% to 2% can mean doubling the number leads with your current marketing budget.