3,400+ Changes made to Google’s Search Results last year alone

“SEO” Organic/Natural Search Results

Obtaining a first page ranking with organic/natural placement on the major search engines will yield a high volume of quality traffic. To compete for the top 10 positions (first page), a strategy must be developed to address:

  • Keyword Phrase Analysis – how your target audience is searching
  • Competitive Analysis – can we obtain 1st page position
  • Web Site Structure – Information Architecture
  • Content – quality of content related to search phrase
  • Off Page Criteria – what are other sites saying about the page they link to within your site

“15% of all searches are unique strings.”

Many companies are content with first page position with a handful of general keywords, but never think about the hundreds of variations which they have no presence. In most cases, we have seen the specific phrases yield much higher quality of visits.

Find out what your web position is for your top Keyword Phrases. Want to know how your competitors rank?

There are many variables which must be addressed to satisfy the search engine algorithms. Many companies appear for certain kwp’s but not others and can’t figure out why. Other times they are on the first page for months and suddenly disappear to the fourth page with no indication what has changed.

To be successful you must determine your current strengths and weaknesses. An SEO Audit will expose areas which are deficient and need improvements.