“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”

Measure What Matters

Knowing if your efforts are paying off is essential to any marketing program. The vital information needed to track your Return On Investment (ROI) is dependent on the complexity of your marketing program. Many factors need to be monitored to see an accurate portrait of your marketing efforts.

  • Quality of Visitors reaching your site
    • How are your visitors finding your site?
      • Where are your visitors coming from?
      • What was their original search string?
    • Do these searches make sense?
    • Are we missing out for quality searches?
    • How is your competition being found?
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • What is the cost of getting a quality visitor to your web site?
    • Cost per lead?
    • Cost per sale?
    • What is your gross profit for every marketing dollar spent?
  • Web Performance
    • Are your visitors finding the information they need?
    • How many visitors give up before they find what they are looking for?
    • Is the “Page Flow” meeting your goals?
    • Which pages have a higher “Exit Rate”?
  • Website Optimization
    • Do you have the proper calls to action?
    • What is your conversion % on each page?
      • Why does one page have a higher conversion rate than another?
      • If you changed the layout, calls to action, color, photos or text, would you receive an increase in the number leads?
    • What percent of visitors are taking action?
    • How many visitors get to a contact page, but do not fill it out?

If you cannot answer all of the questions above, let us audit your site.

A positive user experience will increase your website effectiveness and translate into greater return on investment (ROI).