Who’s building your site? Do they have the expertise to develop a high performing website?

Developing An Industrial Website

The success of a website begins in the planning stage and continues into the information architecture, through the development and ultimately the optimization of the site. Expertise in each discipline is required to address the usability principles of your audience and gain visibility on the search engines. To be competitive you need a team who has the experience. Contact us to see what our team can do for you.

Usability principles guide us on the way industrial buyer’s source and how much time they are willing to invest to get the information they need. Close attention is given to engage your particular audience based on their preferences.

Our team develops web sites based on Usability Principles, not flashy marketing ploys.

  • A Discovery Meeting initiates the learning process to fully understand your business
  • The Scope of the project is defined at the Discovery Meeting
  • The Scoping Document is delivered to the client and approved before any further development
  • The Architectural process begins with a Site Map to layout the flow of the site
  • Upon approval of the Site Map the design phase begins
  • A Wire Frame is created to give a layout of the pages
  • Upon approval of the Wire Frame the design features are added
  • Revisions are discussed and implemented
  • Content is populated
  • SEO techniques are implemented
  • The site is fully tested and approved
  • The site goes “Live”
  • Monitoring the various vital components are continued to maintain a competitive advantage
  • Conversion Improvements are continually tested to gain optimal user experience
  • SEO experts continuously analyzes data and make necessary improvements
  • Monthly and Quarterly Analysis are provided

Depending on the scope of the project we may have the following experts involved:

  • Market Edge Coordinator – to ensure both parties are on track and on time
  • Dedicated Project Manager – one contact to organize the entire project from start to finish
  • Web Developer/Designer
  • Coder
  • Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Analyst – Develops and Researches Key Word Phrases and Competitive Analysis. Dictates vital information to ensure you site is found on the search engines.