“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Warren Buffett

Industrial Website Strategy

The Market Edge Team specializes in industrial and commercial web site development. Our partnerships, with the top industrial web developers in the U.S.A., are the key to building industry leading web sites for our clients. By utilizing their expertise, we are able to put together a team of experts each proficient in their own discipline in building a successful website. This ensures our clients’ are at the forefront of their market place.

Our team develops websites based on Usability Principles, not flashy marketing ploys.

  • Minimum Standards – Very few justifiable reasons not to comply.
  • Best Practices – Tested practices that have proven to have a positive effect on the user experience.
  • Learned Conventions – May not be intuitive, BUT users already know how to use, preconceived expectations.

Website Planning

The essential elements to a successful web site begin with establishing the objectives of the website and understanding your audience. The success of our clients’ comes from taking the time to understanding their business and applying Usability Principles to engage their audience. We not only understand how industrial companies operate, we understand how industrial buyers utilize the internet. Are you giving your visitors want they want?

Website Design

Usability principles guide us on the way industrial buyer’s source and how much time they are willing to invest to get the information they need. Close attention is given to engage your particular audience based on their preferences. How do your prospects view your site?

Website Development

Our process includes a team of experts, each proficient in their own discipline in building a successful web site. Your project will be accessible on a secured site including current status and the deliverables due by both parties. We have found the following process to prove successful to our clients.


Proven custom e-commerce solutions to suite your particular way of doing business. Make changes or add products and prices with an easy to use back end tool. We welcome unique circumstances and thrive on providing solutions for any application.

Content Management

The ability to make changes to your site has become a convenience many companies require. Content Management Tools enables companies to control the content of their site allowing them to change text, add images and add pages without incurring costly charges for a developer to implement.